Who are we?

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Rob Solly - CEO Link to heading

Rob has 30 years of experience in supporting complex decisions in the Defence and Security sectors. He joins Cosimmetry from Improbable Defence, where he led a cutting-edge team of academics and engineers developing new simulation, AI and data science approaches, and from Dstl, where he led Dstl’s Defence and Security Analysis Division. Previously as a Senior Principal at Dstl, Rob used a range of analytical techniques to support strategic decisions in the MOD and DOD, including on four defence reviews. Prior to that, Rob led projects applying novel methods to support major procurement and design decisions on MOD projects, including the F-35, QECV, and numerous C4ISR projects.

Chris Major - CTO Link to heading

Chris joins Cosimmetry from Improbable Defence, where he was lead engineer on a successful and highly innovative multi-million pound synthetic environment demonstrator project and led the research engineering team. Chris brings a broad range of engineering experience, spanning the Computer Games industry, National Security and Intelligence, through to defence planning and decision making.

Daniel Tarshish - COO Link to heading

Daniel has a background in Pure Mathematics. After 28 years serving Her Majesty’s Government overseas, Daniel joined Improbable Defence in 2022 as Director of Communications and Marketing, before moving on to co-found Cosimmetry. His expertise includes national security, intelligence and diplomacy in the Middle East and Asia, bespoke technology delivery and deployment, innovation, and cross-discipline collaboration.

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